The government of Egypt is suspending all travel for all foreigners coming into Egypt from 19.03.2020 until 31.03.2020.

Apply for your eVisa in 3 easy steps!

Eligible nationals who want to visit Egypt can complete a simple online application form to travel to the country for tourism purposes. The e-Visa for Egypt was introduced towards the end of 2017 by the Government of Egypt, to enable travelers to easily and quickly apply for an e-Visa to Egypt. This website is not affiliated to the Egyptian government authorities. The fee for this service includes expert help and assistance as well as the fees charged by the Government of Egypt.

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Tourist or business types of visa for 30 days are now available
for Citizens of 46 countries through the eVisa system.
Egypt Visa for Albanian Citizens Albania Egypt Visa for Hungarian Citizens Hungary Egypt Visa for Polish Citizens Poland
Egypt Visa for Australian Citizens Australia Egypt Visa for Icelandic Citizens Iceland Egypt Visa for Portuguese Citizens Portugal
Egypt Visa for Austrian Citizens Austria Egypt Visa for Ireland Citizens Ireland Egypt Visa for Romanian Citizens Romania
Egypt Visa for Belgian Citizens Belgium Egypt Visa for Italian Citizens Italy Egypt Visa for Russian Citizens Russia
Egypt Visa for Bulgarian Citizens Bulgaria Egypt Visa for Japan Citizens Japan Egypt Visa for Serbian Citizens Serbia
Egypt Visa for Canadian Citizens Canada Egypt Visa for Latvian Citizens Latvia Egypt Visa for Slovakian Citizens Slovakia
Egypt Visa for Croatian Citizens Croatia Egypt Visa for Lithuanian Citizens Lithuania Egypt Visa for Slovenian Citizens Slovenia
Egypt Visa for Cypriot Citizens Cyprus Egypt Visa for Luxembourg Citizens Luxembourg Egypt Visa for South Korean Citizens South Korea
Egypt Visa for Czech Citizens Czech Republic Egypt Visa for Macedonian Citizens Macedonia Egypt Visa for Spanish Citizens Spain
Egypt Visa for Danish Citizens Denmark Egypt Visa for Maltese Citizens Malta Egypt Visa for Swedish Citizens Sweden
Egypt Visa for Estonia Citizens Estonia Egypt Visa for Monaco Citizens Monaco Egypt Visa for Swiss Citizens Switzerland
Egypt Visa for Finland Citizens Finland Egypt Visa for Montenegrin Citizens Montenegro Egypt Visa for Ukrainian Citizens Ukraine
Egypt Visa for France Citizens France Egypt Visa for NL Citizens Netherlands Egypt Visa for UK Citizens United Kingdom
Egypt Visa for German Citizens Germany Egypt Visa for New Zealand Citizens New Zealand Egypt Visa for US Citizens United States
Egypt Visa for Greek Citizens Greece Egypt Visa for Norwegian Citizens Norway Egypt Visa for Vatican Citizens Vatican City

Egypt e-Visa, is an electronic travel authorization system for citizens of eligible countries wishing to travel to Egypt for tourism/business. It can be obtained through an online application.

The e-Visa allows its holder to visit the country for a maximum duration of 30 days from the date of entry, and is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance. Depending on the travellers choice visa for Egypt is available for single or multiple entries. The Egypt e-Visa is a requirement for travellers wishing to visit Egypt.

A single entry visa allows the traveler to enter once and stay up to 30 days. A multiple entry visa allows for multiple entries over a period of three months, if the total number of days spent in Egypt does not exceed 30 days.

We inform you that even if you do not have an upcoming departure, you can apply for eVisa now. Our specialists will process it on time so you will receive your visa and will be able to travel to your destination with a valid document.

The applicant needs to complete the online visa application so he/she may receive the approved e-Visa via email. The process is safe and information is encrypted and secure. It is necessary to have the following:

  • A passport with eight months remaining from the date of entry.

  • A credit or debit card to pay the e-Visa fee.
    An up-to-date email address to receive the electronic visa.

It is important that applicants do submit an application for an Egyptian e-Visa before leaving the country of departure. Their confirmed e-Visa for Egypt will be sent via e-mail. Do remember to print copy of approved e-Visa. Upon arrival at the Egyptian port of entry, you will be asked to present the approved Egypt e-Visa to the Egyptian Border Control.

All those carrying an Egypt e-Visa are required to abide by all legislation regarding the e-Visa as well as all Egyptian laws while in the country.